Chromium OS image for EeePC 701

Google's Chromium OS is a small and fast operating system based on Ubuntu Linux, and course, it is focused on web applications. In fact the GUI consists of a browser, Google Chrome. I thought that it might fit well to my EeePC 701. So I tried to compile it, and it worked out-of-box, more or less. I thought that other people with a 701 might like this too, so here it is:

To install it onto a usb stick or a sd card just do the following (works on Ubuntu, and maybe other Linux distributions):

> tar -xzf chromiumos-eee701-
> cd chromium-eee701/src/scripts
> ./image_to_usb.sh --from=(/path/to/extracted_chromium)/chromium/src/build/images/999.999.34909.155841-a1 --to=/dev/sdX

... where /dev/sdX is the device of your stick or sd card (for example /dev/sdb). This will create two partitions on your stick, the operating system on the "root partition" and a "state partition" with all changes you make as a user (for example downloads). You may mount those partitions and edit any configuration files in /etc on the C-ROOT partition. For a german keyboard layout I had to change /etc/X11/xorg.conf, for example (download here). To boot from the usb stick or the sd card with your 701 you have to press "ESC" when the system starts, then choose the device. You can login to Chrome OS with my shared user "peter@gmail.com" without password (just type "peter" and hit return twice on the login screen).

The operating system itself looks very promising. It boots very fast, the Chromium browser is excellent, even in this phase of development everything is quite stable. More on this when I tried it out a longer time.

And if you are in need of a good web application for you notes or a nice one-page wiki, check out my Tiddlers on Rails. A full wiki for your Eee. And for erverybody else. :-)

PS: There is another build of Chrome OS for EeePC 701, here. I haven't tried it, but the documentation looks better than mine...


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